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Online Dating Success Stories

We Help You Find the Ideal Partner

Success Story:

Hi I would just like to say thank you to Asian personals. I joined your site in March of 2004, when I met a wonderful man. We had one date and then another…and then another and, before too long had passed, we moved in together. After 6 months of living together we got engaged and we tied the knot on 19 November 2004. This year we celebrated our wedding anniversary, a little over a month after welcoming our first child, a beautiful baby boy, to the world.
We hope that this site will embellish the thought of old school, traditional dating for single men and women all over the world, dedicating ourselves to the search for true love.

Our meeting is very happy

Success Story:
I like this web site, and it gave me a happy life. Pat and I had no luck in finding suitable partners in their hometown. But Pat set a goal of finding love by Christmas 2002. She tried the local bingo halls and OAP clubs, but she couldn’t find anyone she really liked.

In the meantime, she bought a computer so she could email friends abroad. Within days of surfing the Internet she came across After reading some of the dating profiles, she decided to try it.

Before the end of the week she received several replies. One, from called me, seemed very cheeky and funny. She liked me sense of humor so replied to my straight away. After two weeks of exchanging emails we decided to meet.

The met at a local cinema and had a great time together. I gave Pat a lift home at the end of the date. To me amazement I found that Pat lived at the bottom of his road!

So it wasn’t too before became an inseparable couple! And Pat had achieved her goal of finding love by Christmas! If wasn’t for the dating web site, the likelihood of them meeting would of been very, very small!

We love each other in occasional moments

Success Story:
We want to thank for giving us the opportunity in finding each other. We met 3 months ago and have been in love since the first day we sent the first smile. It was a special bond from that day on. He from B.C. and I from Ontario, we both decided to leave as we both were finding it difficult in meeting the right person. Then a 97% match came up. We are together each other, we will be moving in together come Sept, in Ontario. We have told many friends about login
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