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Introduced in 2004, True has become one of the largest dating sites on the internet. Boasting over 10 million users, this site has grown exponentially in just 3 years. One of the greatest features of this site is the strict policy regarding convicted felons and married members adding personal profiles. Background checks are routinely performed on new members to ensure that you don’t end up on a date with the wrong kind of person! Scientific compatibility testing is another great feature, enabling you to find singles who have been scientifically chosen to be the perfect match for you. True personals is where I found the love of my life, so it definitely works. Just for fun my fiancée and I ran the compatibility tests and sure enough, it showed that we would be a great match! One of the greatest features of True is the fact that you can contact members for free! I’m sure you’ve been to other sites that require payment upfront and you were probably scared off, but by signing up here , you can browse, contact, and be contacted for Free. You’re welcome. login
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