You know the scenario. You’re out, you see a woman, and you know you want to seduce her. You have to have this woman back at your place… but how? I told you about how to meet women and start conversations, but you need to go beyond a starter chat if you want to date her… or even just get her into your bed. So what do you do?

Set her at Ease
No way would you think of this, right? Of course not. We’re guys. Any woman that isn’t a total dog wants to approach us and we’re psyched. But women aren’t. Unless you’re Brad Pitt, they pretty much assume that you’re a loser or a psycho until you prove them wrong. So my advice is to be cool and friendly when approaching them for a date. Don’t turn on the seduction right away. That time will come.

Impress Her
This is a must at Adam4adamn. You don’t impress her, and when you ask her for a date, she’ll give you a fake phone number. One fantastic way to impress, and even seduce, a woman is to get her talking about herself. It sounds cliche, but it’s true–everyone loves to talk about themselves. So my advice is to ask questions and listen to the answers, whether or not you care. It makes you seem like you’re really interested in her as a person, keeps you from saying something lame. It’s a no-brainer.

Cut Bait and Run
This part is only if you really like the girl, and want to date her. If you’re going for pure seduction, check out my Seduction link and ignore this paragraph. But if you’ve managed to start a conversation, put her at ease, and impress her, and you think you might want to get a dating thing going, run. Exchange numbers, then say you need to leave. When you leave her wanting more, you do two things. First, you throw her off balance. Did you leave because you weren’t really interested? She won’t be sure, so she’ll work harder to impress you on your next date. Second, you keep her interest piqued, thus assuring that she’ll be thinking of you, and eagerly awaiting your phone call.

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